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CEPAR Affiliates Scheme

The aim of the CEPAR Affiliates scheme is to provide opportunities for researchers in ageing to connect with the Centre, providing conduits for knowledge transfer and collaboration.

CEPAR affiliation is open to international and domestic researchers based in academe, government or industry who have an interest in one or more of CEPAR’s four research streams but who are not eligible to become CEPAR Associate Investigators. Applications from researchers of Indigenous descent and researchers of diverse backgrounds are particularly encouraged. 

The purpose of the Scheme is to widen CEPAR’s reach and provide opportunities for researchers focused on the challenges of population ageing to engage with CEPAR by

  • Participating in CEPAR events, including conferences, workshops, roundtables and policy dialogues
  • Participating in capacity building initiatives such as the Future Leaders in Ageing Research

It also provides opportunities for CEPAR Affiliates to network with researchers focused on ageing in academia, government and industry, and explore opportunities for collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Full details are provided in the guidelines.

Download application form and send the completed form to cepar@unsw.edu.au.