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View the opportunities that are available for CEPAR students and read testimonials from current CEPAR students here

Available Scholarship Schemes

CEPAR Honours Scholarships

Honours scholarships are valued at AUD $5,000 are available to students wishing to enrol in a fourth year of undergraduate study to expand their knowledge in a particular area of study and to develop their research skills.

Application Process

Applications for 2022 have now closed. Scholarships for 2023 will open in late 2022.

Enquiries can be directed to Amy Brushwood 

Summer Research Scholarships 

Applications for the summer research scholarship round 2022/2023 will open in July/August 2022.

CEPAR offers competitive summer research scholarships to currently enrolled undergraduate students who are considering Honours and/or postgraduate research in the future. Students will participate in research projects supervised by CEPAR researchers and gain valuable research experience. 

Application Process

- Review the Summer Scholarship Guidelines 

- Complete the Summer Scholarship Application form and submit it to cepar@unsw.edu.au.

Key Dates:

Student Applications open:  July/August 

Student Applications close: mid September 

Assesment of applications: Mid October 

Offers made to students: Early November 

Summer Scholarship enquiries can be directed to Amy Brushwood

Past Scholarship Schemes

From 2011 to 2022, the CEPAR PhD Supplementary Scholarship scheme has offered students the opportunity to work with and be mentored by senior CEPAR researchers:

CEPAR PhD Supplementary Scholarships

The CEPAR Supplementary Scholarships provided additional support to eligible international and domestic higher degree research students who are in receipt of an Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship, National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) or university equivalent scholarship that assisted them with pursuing a program of study related to CEPAR.

Further details are available in the CEPAR Supplementary Scholarship Guidelines.

The CEPAR PhD Supplementary Scholarship Scheme has ended. To see where some of CEPAR's PhD graduates have been placed, visit the Graduate Student Placements webpage.


There are opportunities available to become directly involved in the CEPAR research program by enrolling as an undergraduate honours or summer research student under the supervision of a CEPAR researcher or through employment as a postdoctoral or research fellow.

Emerging researchers not involved directly with the CEPAR research program are invited to participate in a range of initiatives designed to bring students and research fellows together from a variety of disciplines to meet and exchange ideas, including applying for the CEPAR Affiliates Scheme.