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Research Students

Alexandra Herron

BA (Hons) Unversity of Oxford; Solicitors' Professional Examination (England and Wales): GradDip (Law) ANU

PhD Student, Business School, University of Sydney 


Professor Marian Baird

Thesis Topic:

The conundrum of informal eldercare for worker-carers and their workplaces


Kerry Hwang

BSc (Hons), The University of Melbourne; MPH, University of Melbourne

PhD Student, School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne 


Associate Professor Jeromey Temple, Associate Professor Bianca Brijnath and Dr Dina LoGiuidice

Thesis Title: 

Ageing of Older Migrant Australians: An Analysis Harnessing Population Level Datasets

Esa Hytti

BPsych (Hons), Victoria University

Masters Student, Industrial and Organisational Psychology


Dr. Jane Chong

Co-supervisors: Dr Serena Wee

Thesis Title: 

The relationship between lockdown measures and mental health: moderating role of work demands

Lucinda Iles

Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology, UWA; Bachelor Psychology (Hons), Macquarie University

PhD Student, Future of Work Institute, Faculty of Business and Law, Curtin University, WA


Dr Daniela Andrei 


Professor Sharon Parker 


An investigation into leadership behaviour in age diversity


Milena Katz

Bachelor of Advanced Science (Nutrition) (Honours 1), USYD, Bachelor of Teaching, USYD

PhD Student, School of Population Health, University of New South Wales 

Dr Ruth Peters (CEPAR AI), Dr Adrienne Withall and Professor Emad El-Omar

Thesis Topic:
Ageing, diet and inflammation: An Australian perspective

Salvatory Kessy


Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Sciences, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Master's Degree in Mathematics Modeling, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. (First class Hons)
Master's Degree in Actuarial Sciences, Universty of Southampton, Unigted Kingdom.
PhD Student, Actuarial Sciences, UNSW.
Supervisors: Professor Michael Sherris, Dr Andres Villegas and A/Prof Jonathan Ziveyi
Thesis Topic: Longevity Risk Models and Actuarial Applications with Data Analytics
Lilipramawanty Kewok Liwin

Bachelor in Statistics, Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia; Master of Social Research specialisation in Demography, ANU

PhD Student, School of Demography, ANU


Dr Collin Payne


A/Professor Brian Houle, A/Professor Vladimir Canudas Romo and Dr Matthew Kelly

Thesis Title: 

Morbidity and Mortality Related to Type 2 Diabetes in Indonesia: Understanding the Role of Demographic Changes 

Trang Le

Master of International Economics, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies; Master of Public Policy, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies; Bachelor of International Economics and Business, Foreign Trade Unversity, Hanoi, Vietnam

PhD Student, School of Economics, UNSW


Professor John Piggott, Dr. George Kudrna and Associate Professor Isabella Dobrescu 

Thesis Topic:

Modelling Policy toward Ageing in Emerging Economies: Indonesia and beyond

Ebony Lewis

Bachelor of Nursing, ACU; Master of International Public Health, UNSW

PhD Student, School of Psychology, Faculty of Science, University of New South Wales


Dr Ruth Peters, Professor Kaain Anstey and Professsor Kenneth Rockwood

Thesis Topic:

Frailty and Cognition Over the Adult Life-Course

Yulong Li

MA Economics (CUFE)

PhD Student, School of Risk and Actuarial Studies, UNSW Australia

Professor Michael Sherris, Dr Jonathan Ziveyi and Dr Andres Villegas

Thesis Topic:
Health Status, Mortality Heterogeneity and Implications for Post Retirement Product Innovation

James Lian

BPsych (Hons) UNSW

PhD Student, School of Psychology, UNSW


Professor Kaarin Anstey


Dr Kim Kiely and Dr Bridget Callaghan

Thesis Topic:

Cognitive Resilience in Ageing

Jiu Lian

MEcon, ANU

PhD student, Research School of Economics, ANU

Supervisors: Dr. Cagri Kumuru, Associate Professor, CBE, ANU

Thesis title: Social security reforms and business dynamism in ageing societies

Rebecca Luong

Bachelor of Sicence (Food Science) with distinction, UNSW and Master of Nutrition and Dietetics, USYD 2 pubs; 1 pub under review; 2 papers in preparation; 3 presentations and 2 posters either presented or accepted for presentation

PhD Student, Unversity of Sydney, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Nutrition and Dietetics Group


Associate Professor Vasant Hirani


Professor Maraget Allman-Farinelli and Dr Rosie Ribeiro

Thesis Topic:

Cardiometabolic health outcomes, frailty, dietary patterns and more plant-based diets

Lingfeng Lyu

MActSt (Extension), UNSW Business School

PhD student, School of Risk and Actuarial Studies, UNSW Sydney

Yang Shen and Jonathan Ziveyi


Michael Sherris

Thesis Topic:
Forecasting and Financing Healthy Aging and Aged Care in Australia