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Ageing Well & Productively

cognitive ageing CEPAR

Strand Leader: Professor Hal Kendig

Examining ways in which health and psycho-social factors influence productive contributions as well as independence, wellbeing, and use of health and community services, this strand focuses especially on those aspects of decision making and life choices that are important for a longer and more productive life, an important issue in the context of demographic change because as baby boomers age, the potential productivity of this cohort will depend on how well they age.

Projects Include:

  • Lifestyle Influences on Healthy Ageing and Chronic Disease
  • Socioeconomic Determinants of Health and Wellbeing across the Life Course
  • Productive Ageing
  • Activity Spaces and Engagement in Physical Activity in Mid-agd and Older Australian Adults
  • Attitudes, Ageing and Intergenerational Relations
  • Daily Life Adaptation in Older Adulthood
  • The Life Project - Lifestyle Functional Exercise Program to Reduce Falls in Older People

For more information on individual projects please see the CEPAR Annual Report.