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CEPAR / Crawford Policy Dialogue on Retirement Incomes: SESSION 2

Exploring current and future challenges for retirement incomes: Policymakers, researchers and commentators explored Australian and international retirement policy designs at the annual CEPAR/Crawford Policy Dialogue, held at the Australian National University on November 1, 2018.

International Developments in Retirement Incomes Policy
Session Chair: George Kudrna - Senior Research Fellow, CEPAR, UNSW Sydney

International Developments in Retirement Incomes Policy
Axel Borsch-Supan – Director, Max Planck Institute for the Economics of Aging

Hazel Bateman – Professor and CEPAR Chief Investigator, UNSW Sydney

John Piggott – Scientia Professor and CEPAR Director, UNSW Sydney

Andrew Podger - Honorary Professor of Public Policy, Australian National University

Further information: cepar.edu.au/news-events/news/exploring-current-and-future-challenges-retirement-incomes