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CEPAR Cross Nodal Seminar: Daniela Andrei

Topic: From Future WORK Selves to Future OLD Selves: How representations reflecting hopes and aspirations for late career/retirement relate to work and career behaviors

Presenter: Daniela Andrei

Abstract: In this presentation I will provide a brief overview of a large-scale data collection undertaken by our research stream – The Mature Workers in Organisations 2019 Benchmark Survey. The first part of the presentation will focus on some of the most interesting descriptive findings that have emerged from this survey, with implications for mature workforce across Australia. Then I will focus on the concept of “Future Old Selves” which was also investigated in this sample and discuss some insights from our ongoing analysis on the construct. More specifically, we adapted the existing construct of “Future Work Selves” (Strauss et al., 2012) to explore participants representations in relation to late career and retirement and how the salience, flexibility and content of these representations are further associated with relevant work and retirement related behaviors. As we are in the early stages of exploring this research question, any discussion, and insights into ways we could further shape the data analysis and a further contribution will be very informative.

Presenter’s Biography: Daniela Andrei is a CEPAR Senior Research Fellow at Curtin University’s Centre for Transformative Work Design, Future of Work Institute. She specialises in Organisational Behavior, Work Psychology and Organisational Psychology. Her current research revolves around unpacking the antecedents and consequences of work design behaviours, understanding leadership functions and team processes in different types of team settings, as well as the interplay between organisational actions, work design characteristics and the retention, productivity and well-being of mature workforce.