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Policy/Industry Panel: The Retirement Income Covenant

Co-hosted by CEPAR and the School of Risk & Actuarial Studies, UNSW Business School, the Colloquium is a unique annual event, bringing together academia, government and industry to discuss the latest research on pensions, superannuation and retirement.

The Colloquium theme for 2021 was ‘Financing Retirement in the 2020s and Beyond'.

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Opening remarks
00:04 Hazel Bateman (CEPAR Deputy Director, UNSW Sydney)

Policy/Industry Panel: The Retirement Income Covenant
00:50 Chair - John Piggott (CEPAR Director, UNSW Sydney)

2:05 Jordan George (Retirement, Advice and Investments Division, Australian Treasury)
15:15 Suzanne Smith (Executive Director – Superannuation, APRA)
24:15 Robbie Campo (Group Executive – Brand, Engagement, Advocacy and Product, Cbus)
40:41 Jeremy Cooper (Chairman, Retirement Income, Challenger Ltd)