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Who is bearing the brunt of policy decisions in response to COVID-19?

According to Prof. Piggott, a recovery plan must also address the vulnerable groups in society that have been hit hardest by the pandemic. "The first is young people who are starting in their careers and are now being tripped up. You start working at a professional organisation, and six months in or 18 months in, suddenly you're on three days a week. That's a really negative thing to experience early in your career," he says.

Another vulnerable group are workers in or over their 50s. "It's reasonably common knowledge that if you are thrown out of employment at the age of 55, you've got much less chance of coming back into the labour force than you do if you're younger… the rate of long-term unemployment is much higher for people above the age of 55," explains Prof. Piggott.

Source: BusinessThink