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Research Publications

To borrow or insure? Long term care costs and the impact of housing

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Systematic Mortality Improvement Trends and Mortality Heterogeneity: Insights from Individual-Level HRS Data

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Market Price of Longevity Risk for a Multi-Cohort Mortality Model with Application to Longevity Bond Option Pricing

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Health system costs for individual and comorbid noncommunicable diseases: An analysis of publicly funded health events from New Zealand

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Organizational support for strengths use, work engagement, and contextual performance: The moderating role of age

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Preparing for population ageing: Estimating the cost of formal aged care in China

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Work, nonwork, and sleep (WNS): A model and future research agenda

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Inequalities in living well with dementia - the impact of deprivation on wellbeing, quality of life and life satisfaction: results from the Improving the experience of Dementia and Enhancing Active Life study

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Erognomic education on housework for women with upper limb repetitive strain injury (RSI): a conceptual representation of therapists' clinical reasoning

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