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CEPAR Investigator Honoured by Peking University

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CEPAR investigator Professor Colette Browning from Monash University has been appointed Honorary Professor at Peking University and co-director of the university's new health and ageing research centre.

Professor Browning received the accolade at an official ceremony in Beijing attended by senior Chinese government and university officials.

It is recognition of her research contribution and collaboration with Chinese universities and institutions as she is one of only nine Australians in Health Sciences in the past 28 years to receive this honour.

"This is a tremendous reward for lots of hard work. Over the past seven years we have worked with our Chinese colleagues in the areas of healthy ageing, primary health care, chronic illness management and hospital quality improvement," Professor Browning said.

The ceremony also included the launch of the new Research Centre for Ageing and Health Services at Peking University.  Along with Professor Tuohong Zhang, Professor Browning is Co-Director of the Centre. It includes scholars from Chinese universities, including Tsinghua University, Renmin University, and Peking Union Medical College as well as scholars from Korea, Japan and the U.S.

"China is facing a massive challenge in terms of its ageing population well in advance of the levels of economic prosperity reached in developed countries that are experiencing the same demographic changes.  The Centre will conduct research that will inform healthy ageing, aged care practice and policy in China," Professor Browning said.

Professor Browning's strong links with Peking University will facilitate international collaboration for CEPAR members.