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Director's message

John Piggott CEPAR Director UNSW economist

Image: John Piggott AO

At this time of year, CEPAR frequently joins with the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis (CAMA) in the Crawford School of Public Policy at ANU to organise a “Policy Dialogue”. Focusing on a different topic each year, the Dialogues, and the associated research briefs that are released to coincide with the event, are an important channel on the road from research to impact. They are held in Canberra to maximise exposure to policymakers, and sometimes are opened by a minister or government official.

This year the theme is ‘Decision Making for and in Old Age’. Topics will cover the implications of declining cognitive capacity with age, the increasingly complex decisions that older people now need to make around retirement resources and aged care, and how policy interventions might assist. We have a stellar line-up, including international keynote speakers as well as CEPAR experts. Speakers include:

  • Duke Han (University of Southern California) on financial decision making in older age
  • Suzanne Shu (Cornell University) on applying behavioural science to decumulation decision-making
  • CEPAR CI Kaarin Anstey on decision-making capacity
  • CEPAR CI Hazel Bateman on things that policy can affect, such as decumulation
  • CEPAR CI Mike Keane on behavioural implications of bias
  • Research brief lead author Rafal Chomik will introduce CEPAR’s new research brief to begin the day, and a distinguished group of stakeholders and academics will act as commentators and panellists.

The complete program is available online here.

Decision-making in the financial and health areas has become a crucial issue in the face of an ageing demographic. We hope that this event will canvas the research frontiers of decision-making and its intersection with age, and present policymakers and business decisionmakers with an up-to-date take on what current research can add to their deliberations.

If you are interested in participating in the Policy Dialogue on 10 October, please register online here. We hope you can join us in the dialogue on decision making for and in old age.

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