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Latest research on financing retirement in the 2020s and beyond


The ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) and the School of Risk & Actuarial Studies in the UNSW Business School are co-hosting the 29th Colloquium on Pensions and Retirement Research online on 1-3 December 2021.

The Colloquium is a unique annual event which brings together academia, government and industry to discuss the latest research on pensions, superannuation and retirement.

The Colloquium will include high-level talks and presentations on financing retirement in the 2020s and beyond, including plenary sessions on financing aged care; the retirement sandbox program; and the macroeconomic environment for superannuation and pensions.

Especially topical will be a panel session focused on the Australian Government’s Retirement Income Covenant.

Further Colloquium sessions will cover research on superannuation; early access to superannuation/pension assets; pensions, labour supply and household decisions; new retirement products; health and longevity; financial decisions; home equity release; annuities; retirement outcomes; as well as research on pensions and climate change, and on pensions and long-term care in Asia.

The 29th Annual Colloquium of Pensions and Retirement Research will also host a special online session on the global experience of financing retirement in the 2020s and beyond, sponsored by the International Pension Research Association (IPRA), on December 3, 2021.

The program schedule and registration details are available here.


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