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Launch of publicly available data on population ageing futures and estimates


The ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) has launched publicly available data on population ageing futures and estimates.

The number of people at the older ages is growing rapidly which researcher define as numerical ageing, and this age group of the population is forming an increasing share of the total population - so called structural ageing. However, with a few exceptions, understanding the diversity of future population change within the older population has been largely overlooked.

The CEPAR Population Ageing Futures Data Archive, created by a research team led by CEPAR Associate Professor Jeromey Temple and CEPAR Principal Research Fellow Dr Tom Wilson of the University of Melbourne, comprises sets of data projections and estimates related to the composition and diversity of Australia’s older population.

The Archive currently contains detailed projections for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population and Australia’s migrant populations as well as estimates of Australia’s ‘oldest-old’ population.

Over the coming year, the CEPAR researchers will be releasing on a rolling basis further projections of English language proficiency, religiosity, sexual minority populations, dementia and detailed sub-national estimates of future ageing.