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Warwick McKibbin appointed to New Brookings task force to create the blueprint for a US federal Office of Carbon Scoring


Media Release first published by The Brookings Institute. Read the original here.

CEPAR Chief Investigator Professor Warwick McKibbin has been appointed as a member of the advisory council for a new Brookings Institution initiative.

The Center on Regulation and Markets at the Brookings Institution is organizing a task force to provide the institutional, analytical, and policy foundation for establishing a federal Office of Carbon Scoring (OCS) that would analyze the potential impact of proposed legislation on greenhouse gas emissions and other relevant climate metrics.

The task force will focus on answering critical questions to provide a blueprint for a federal carbon scoring effort, including the most efficient way to score the emissions impact of legislation for policymakers and how an office could be set-up institutionally with the broadest possible support among legislators, policymakers, and regulators. 

Throughout the project, the task force plans to consult a wide range of stakeholders and issue consensus recommendations to regulators and to Congress. In addition, the task force will also draw on the expertise of a dedicated advisory council, which includes Professor Warwick McKibbin.

Members of the Advisory Council include: 

  • David Anthoff, Associate Professor – University of California, Berkeley 
  • Chris Busch, Director, Transportation and Senior Economist – Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology LLC 
  • Wendy Edelberg, Senior Fellow and Director – The Hamilton Project, The Brookings Institution 
  • Doug Elmendorf, Dean – Harvard Kennedy School 
  • Michael Greenstone, Milton Friedman Distinguished Service Professor in Economics and Director of the Energy Policy Institute, University of Chicago 
  • Nathaniel Keohane, President – Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) 
  • Suzi Kerr, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist – Environmental Defense Fund 
  • John Larsen, Partner – Rhodium Group 
  • Erin Mayfield, Assistant Professor – Dartmouth College  
  • Warwick McKibbin, Distinguished Professor of Economics and Public Policy – Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University