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2017 Annual Report

The CEPAR 2017 Annual Report has been released and contains details of the work undertaken by CEPAR affiliated researchers in 2017. This report comprises two parts. Part One reports on the structure and activities of the original centre which was in operation until 31 December 2017. Part Two focuses on the new Centre established on 28 September 2017.

CEPAR has published a new research brief – Cognitive ageing and decline: Insights from recent research – exploring the spectrum of cognitive ageing and its impacts on individuals, society and the economy. One area of interest is how cognitive ageing will affect financial decision making of an older population.

CEPAR has released findings on cognitive ageing and decline trends in Australia. The report highlights seven key modifiable lifestyle factors which are attributed to dementia; the rising numbers of people with dementia; and the increasing cost to families, carers, and the economy.

Australia is ranked in the top third of countries in almost all indices measuring the best countries to retire, according to CEPAR's analysis of nine separate ageing and retirement indices. The problem is, experts contriving such indices can’t agree about which ingredients should be included and which are most important.

Rafal Chomik on Channel 9 News

The number of people working past the age of 85 has increased by 15 percent in the last 10 years. With life expectancy up three months every year, the number of healthy Australians living for decades past the pension age is only set to rise, explains CEPAR Senior Research Fellow Rafal Chomik.

fact sheet

CEPAR has published a new fact sheet, explaining how the wellbeing of older people is measured. The authors of the fact sheet, CEPAR Senior Research Fellow Rafal Chomik and CEPAR Research Assistant David Rodgers examine some of the most notable ageing indices, their stated purposes, methodologies and results.

Mengyi and Jennifer

CEPAR researchers Dr Jennifer Alonso-García and Dr Mengyi Xu have been recognised with Best Paper Awards for papers to be presented at the upcoming International Congress of Actuaries (ICA) 2018, held from 4 - 8 June in Berlin, Germany. 

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Australia’s population is growing rapidly and at the same time the population is also ageing. CEPAR Chief Investigator Peter McDonald, along with other experts, addresses the issue of the nation's preparedness to manage this change. 

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Speaking at The Future of Asia Alumni Summit in Hong Kong CEPAR’s John Piggott and Hazel Bateman discussed Asia in the Ageing Century.