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Australia’s aged pensioners tend to preserve financial wealth and consume conservatively.

Population ageing researchers collaborating

A new Asia Pacific-wide Research Hub has been established at the University of New South Wales, providing a regional forum for research collaboration on population ageing. 


Australia remains among the best but has fallen several places on the 2015 GlobalAgeing Index of quality of life and well-being for older people.

Aged care support

The Australian Research Council will fund the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) to conduct a cutting-edge project examining the policy implications for Australia and other countries worldwide.

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Queensland trials using tablet mobile devices are helping seniors (65-85 years old) use technology to maintain and build social connections.

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Understanding subjective life expectancy (SLE) is critical for pension design and longevity insurance markets. Yet there are very few studies that focus on this question.

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CEPAR analyses how Australian demographic projections have changed over time and the extent to which they have conformed to real world outcomes.

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In a new study by CEPAR researchers,  participants reported high awareness of the benefits of key behaviours that can preserve and improve cognitive functioning as they age, although their actual intention to take up these activities is low.

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The CEPAR 2014 Annual Report contains a complete record of all the work undertaken by CEPAR affiliated researchers in 2014.