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Ageing population conference

In an address at today's Australian Conference of Economists (ACE 2012), CEPAR Director, John Piggott discussed the main barriers preventing older people from working.  

Aged care support

Retirement plans for people relying on rising property prices could be at risk following the latest drop in house prices and ongoing volatility in the housing market.  

Pensioners enjoying a stroll

The importance of longitudinal studies in determining future health outcomes was the theme of a CEPAR sponsored healthy ageing seminar led by internationally renowned expert on healthy life expectancy, Professor Carol Jagger.

Young researchers

The Australian Government today announced that CEPAR's research on population ageing and productive ageing will be used by a new expert panel to inform future policy initiatives.

Interactive data

CEPAR investigator Professor Colette Browning from Monash University has been appointed Honorary Professor at Peking University and co-director of the university's new health and ageing research centre.

Cepar researchers

ANU's newly established Institute of Public Policy, recognises the importance of population ageing as a public policy issue, with two of CEPAR's Chief Investigators listed among the Institute's nine Inaugural Public Policy Fellows.

Aged care

A group of 60 bike riders has helped to connect isolated carers who are looking after some of the most frail and vulnerable people in our community by raising almost $500,000 to establish a carers network. 

Outdoor yoga session

New research by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) reveals an increase in levels of anxiety and depression among older Australians as a result of the Global Financial Crisis.

Monetary growth

Should superannuation portfolio allocations be adjusted with age to reduce the financial exposure of senior Australians to stock-market crashes?