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Population projections for Australia, the States and Territories

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CEPAR Working Paper

Tom Wilson and Jeromey Temple (2022). New population projections for Australia and the States and Territories, with a particular focus on population ageing. CEPAR Working Paper 2022/11.

Abstract: The recent release of preliminary rebased Estimated Resident Populations for 2021 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) provides updated populations on which to base new population projections for Australia. New projections are necessary because of the disruption to demographic trends caused by Covid, rendering even quite recently produced projections out-of-date. This paper presents new population projections for Australia and the states and territories for the period 2021-2041. The paper describes the input data used, projection assumptions made, and an outline of the projection model. Key features of projected population ageing are presented, followed by brief projection profiles of Australia and the states and territories. 


Associate Professor Jeromey Temple, The University of Melbourne

Dr Tom Wilson, The University of Melbourne