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Research Publications

Just a mirage: On the incremental predictive validity of subjective age

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Awareness of functional ability in people with early-stage dementia

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Early labor force exit subsequent to permanently impairing occupational injury or illness among workers 50-64 years of age

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Prospective Study of Dietary Zinc Intake and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Women.

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The kids are alright: Taking stock of generational differences at work

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The moderating role of employment status and gender on the relationship between psychological age and health: A two-wave cross-lagged panel analysis of data from the Health and Retirement Study

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Sense of control, job stressors, and well-being: Inter-relations and reciprocal effects among older U.S. workers

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Oversimplification of Dementia Risk Reduction Messaging Is a Threat to Knowledge Translation in Dementia Prevention Research.

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