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Research Publications

Joining Forces to Prevent Dementia: The International Research Network On Dementia Prevention (IRNDP).

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Impacts of Voluntary and Involuntary Workforce Transitions at Mature Ages: Longitudinal Evidence from HILDA

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Pension Reform: Australia and China Compared

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Comparing Budget Repair Measures for a Small Open Economy with Growing Debt.

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Effect of Speed of Processing Training on Older Driver Screening Measures.

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The Tailored Activity Program (TAP) to Address Behavioral Disturbances in Frontotemporal Dementia: A Feasibility and Pilot Study.

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Using Balanced Time Perspective to Explain Well-Being and Planning in Retirement.

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Semi-Parametric Extensions of the Cairns–Blake–Dowd Model: A One-Dimensional Kernel Smoothing Approach

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Body Mass Index is Associated with Cortical Thinning with Different Patterns in Mid- and Late-Life.

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