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Research Publications

Increasing Body Mass Index at Midlife is Associated with Increased Cortical Thinning in Alzheimer’s Disease-Vulnerable Regions.

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A Sustainable Long-term Health Care System for Aging China: A Case Study of Regional Practice.

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Australian Attitudes and Policies on Intergenerational Equity: Impacts of Social Change.

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The Effect of Perceived Control on Self-Reported Cardiovascular Disease Incidence across Adulthood and Old Age.

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Uptake, Prevalence and Predictors of First-Time Use for the 75+ Health Assessment Scheme

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Research on the Translation and Implementation of Stepping On in Three Wisconsin Communities

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The Association between Western and Prudent Dietary Patterns and Fasting Blood Glucose Levels in Type 2 Diabetes and Normal Glucose Metabolism in Older Australian Adults

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The Cerebellum Shrinks Faster than Normal Ageing in Alzheimer’s Disease but not in Mild Cognitive Impairment.

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The Burden of Cancer Attributable to Modifiable Risk Factors: The Australian Cancer-PAF Cohort Consortium.

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