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Research Publications

Risk Factors, Incidence, Consequences and Prevention Strategies for Falls and Fall-injury within Older Indigenous Populations: a Systematic Review

Lukaszyk, C., Harvey, L., Sherrington, C., Keay, L., Tiedemann, A., Coombes, J, Clemson, L. & Ivers, R. (2016) Australian New Zealand Journal Public Health.

The Association between Physical Activity and Social Isolation in Community-dwelling Older Adults.

Robins, L., Hill, K., Finch, C., Clemson, L., & Haines, T. (2016). Aging & Mental Health.

There's more than Meets the Eye: Complex Associations of Daily Pain, Physical Symptoms, and Self-efficacy with Activity in Middle and Older Adulthood

Curtis, R.G., Windsor, T.D., Mogle, J.A., and Bielak, A.A.M. (2016). Gerontology. In press (available online October 2016).

The Relationship between Behavioral Changes, Cognitive Symptoms, and Functional Disability in Primary Progressive Aphasia: A Longitudinal Study

O’Connor, C.M., Clemson, L., Flanagan, E., Kaizik, C., Brodaty, H., Hodges, J.R., Piguet, O. and Mioshi, E. (2016). Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders, 42(3-4), 215-256. 

Performance-Based Assessment of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living: Validation of the Sydney Test of Activities of Daily Living in Memory Disorders (STAM)

Reppermund, S., Birch, R.C., Crawford, J.D., Wesson, J., Draper, B., Kochan, N.A., Trollor, J.N., Luttenberger, K., Brodarty, H. and Sachdev, P.S. (2016). Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. In press (available online October 2016).

Occupational Therapy Pre-discharge Home Visits in Acute Hospital Care: A Randomized Trial

Clemson, L., Lannin, N., Wales, K., Rubenstein, L.Z., Gitlin, L., Barris, S., Mackenzie, L. and Cameron, I.D. (2016). Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 64(10), 2019-2026. 

Health Insurance Coverage among Women in Indonesia’s Major Cities: A Multilevel Analysis

Christiani, Y., Byles, J.E., Tavener, M. and Dugdale, P. (2016). Health Care for Women International. In press (available online October 2016).

Exercise to Prevent Falls in Older Adults: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Sherrington, C., Michaleff, Z.A., Fairhall, N., Paul, S.S., Tiedemann, A., Whitney, J., Cumming, R.G., Herbert, R.D., Close, J.C.T. and Lord, S.R. (2016). British Journal of Sports Medicine. In press (available online October 2016).

Evidence Based Occupational Therapy for People with Dementia and their Families: What Clinical Practice Guidelines tell us and Implications for Practice

Laver, K., Cumming, R.G., Dyer, S.M., Agar, M.R., Anstey, K.J., Beattie, E., Brodaty, H., Broe, G., Clemson, L., Crotty, M., Dietz, M., Draper, B.M., Flicker, L., Friel, M., Heuzenroeder, L.M., Koch, S., Kurrle, S., Nay, R., Pond, C.D., Thompson, J., Santalucia, Y., Whitehead, C. and Yates, M. (2016). Australian Occupational Therapy Journal. In press (available online September 2016).