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Research Publications

Do Siblings Free-ride in ‘Being There’ for Parents?

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Automatic Balancing Mechanisms for Notional Defined Contribution Accounts in the Presence of Uncertainty.

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Modified Delphi Consensus to Suggest Key Elements of Stepping On Falls Prevention Program.

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Emergency Department Utilisation by Older People in Metropolitan Melbourne, 2008–12: Findings from the Reducing Older Patient’s Avoidable Presentations for Emergency Care Treatment (REDIRECT) Study.

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Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases in 6 Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Findings From Wave 1 of the World Health Organization's Study on Global Ageing and Adult Health (SAGE)

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PrevenTing Falls in a High-risk, Vision-impaired Population through Specialist ORientation and Mobility Services: Protocol for the PlaTFORM Randomised Trial

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Integrated Solutions for Sustainable Fall Prevention in Primary Care, the iSOLVE Project: a Type 2 Hybrid Effectiveness-implementation Design.

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Circumstances of Falls with Fractured Femur in Residents of Australian Nursing Homes: An Analysis of Falls Reports.

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The Use of Secondments as a Tool to Increase Knowledge Translation.

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