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Research Publications

Sex differences in cortical thickness in middle aged and early old-aged adults: the PATH Through Life Study

Gautam, P., Cherbuin, N., Sachdev, P.S., Wen, W., Anstey, K.J. (2013). Neuroradiology, March 2013. 

Psychotropic Drug Use and Alcohol Drinking in Community-Dwelling Older Australian Men: The CHAMP Study

Ilomäki, J., Gnjidic, D., Hilmer, S.N., Le Couteur, D.G., Naganathan, V., Cumming, R.G., Waite, L., Seibel, M.J., Blyth, F.M., Handelsman, D.J. and Bell, J.S. (2013). Drug and Alcohol Review, March 2013. 

Pricing European Options on Deferred Annuities

Ziveyi, J., Blackburn, C. and Sherris, M. (2013). Mathematics and Economics, March 2013. 

Normative Data and Longitudinal Invariance of the Life Engagement Test (LET) in a Community Sample of Older Adults

Pearson, E.L., Windsor, T.D., Crisp, D.A., Butterworth, P., Pilkington, P.D., and Anstey, K.J. (2013). Quality of Life Research, March 2013. 

Characterizing Mild Cognitive Disorders in the young-old over 8 years: Prevalence, estimated incidence, stability of diagnosis, and impact on IADLs

Anstey, K.J., Cherbuin, N., Eramudugolla, R., Sargent-Cox, K., Easteal, S., Kumar, R. and Sachdev, P. (2013). Alzheimer's and Dementia, March 2013. 

Alcohol and smoking consumption behaviours in older Australian Adults: Prevalence, period and socio-demographic differentials in the DYNOPTA sample

Burns, R.A., Birrell, C.L., Steel, D., Mitchell, P. & Anstey, K.J. (2013). Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, March 2013. 

The Influence of Perceived Stress on the Onset of Arthritis in Women: Findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health

Harris, M., Loxton, D., Sibbritt, D. and Byles, J.(2013). Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 46 (1), 9-18.

Stability and change in level of probable depression and depressive symptoms in a sample of middle and older-aged adults

Burns, R.A., Butterworth, P. Luszcz, M. & Anstey, K.J. (2013). International Psychogeriatrics, February 2013. 

Psychological wellbeing and the diathesis-stress hypothesis model: The role of psychological functioning and quality of relations in promoting subjective well-being in a life events study

Burns, R.A. & Machin, A.M. (2013). Personality and Individual Differences, February 2013.