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Research Publications

Prevalence of Depressed Mood Versus Anhedonia in Older Persons: Implications for Clinical Practice

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Longevity Risk Management and Shareholder Value for a Life Annuity Business

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Australian Superannuation: The Current State of Play

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Associations of Objectively-assessed Neighbourhood Characteristics with Older Adults’ total Physical Activity and Sedentary time in an Ultra-dense Urban Environment: Findings from the ALECS Study

Cerin, E., Zhang, C.J.P., Barnett, A., Sit, C.P.H., Cheung, M.C.M., Johnston, J.M., Lai, P.C. and Lee, R.S.Y. (2016). Health and Place, 42, 1-10. 

ACT Health, Population Health Prevention & Protection and the ANU Collaborate to Address Chronic Disease

Anstey, K.J. and Ashby-Mitchell, K. (2016). ACT Population Health Bulletin, 5(4), 13-14.

Risk Factors, Incidence, Consequences and Prevention Strategies for Falls and Fall-injury within Older Indigenous Populations: a Systematic Review

Lukaszyk, C., Harvey, L., Sherrington, C., Keay, L., Tiedemann, A., Coombes, J, Clemson, L. & Ivers, R. (2016) Australian New Zealand Journal Public Health.

The Association between Physical Activity and Social Isolation in Community-dwelling Older Adults.

Robins, L., Hill, K., Finch, C., Clemson, L., & Haines, T. (2016). Aging & Mental Health.

There's more than Meets the Eye: Complex Associations of Daily Pain, Physical Symptoms, and Self-efficacy with Activity in Middle and Older Adulthood

Curtis, R.G., Windsor, T.D., Mogle, J.A., and Bielak, A.A.M. (2016). Gerontology. In press (available online October 2016).

The Relationship between Behavioral Changes, Cognitive Symptoms, and Functional Disability in Primary Progressive Aphasia: A Longitudinal Study

O’Connor, C.M., Clemson, L., Flanagan, E., Kaizik, C., Brodaty, H., Hodges, J.R., Piguet, O. and Mioshi, E. (2016). Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders, 42(3-4), 215-256.