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Research Publications

Estimating Functional Cognition in Older Adults using Observational Assessments of Task Performance in Complex Everyday Activities: A Systematic Review and Evaluation of Measurement Properties

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Does Action Follow Intention with Participation in Home and Group-based Falls Prevention Exercise Programs? An Exploratory, Prospective, Observational Study

Haines, T., Hill, K., Vu, T., Clemson, L., Finch, C. and Day, L. (2016). Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, 64, 151-161. 

Anxiety and Comorbid Depression Following Traumatic Brain Injury in a Community-based Sample of Young, Middle-aged and Older Adults

Osborn, A.J., Mathias, J.L., Fairweather-Schmidt, A.K. and Anstey, K.J. (2016). Journal of Affective Disorders. In press (available online October 2016).

The Economics of Cognitive Impairment: Volunteering and Cognitive Function in the HILDA Survey

Hosking, D.E. and Anstey, K.J. (2016). Gerontology, 62(5), 536-540. 

Social Dancing and Incidence of Falls in Older Adults: A Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial

Merom, D., Mathieu, E., Cerin, E., Morton, R.L., Simpson, J.M., Rissel, C., Anstey, K.J., Sherrington, C., Lord, S.R. and Cumming, R.G. (2016). PLOS Medicine. In press (available online August 2016).

Retirement and its Consequences for Women's Health in Australia

Zhu, R. (2016). Social Science and Medicine, 163, 117-125. 

Relationship Between Antihypertensive Medications and Cognitive Impairment: Part 1. Review of Human Studies and Clinical Trials

Yasar, S., Schuchman, M., Peters, J., Anstey, K.J., Carlson, M.C. and Peters, R. (2016). Current Hypertension Reports, 18(8), 67. 

Patterns of Hospitalization Risk for Women Surviving into Very Old Age: Findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health

Dolja-Gore, X., Harris, M., Kendig, H. and Byles, J. (2016). Medical Care. In press (available online August 2016).

Individual Capability and Effort in Retirement Benefit Choice. Journal of Risk and Insurance

Bateman, H., Eckert, C., Iskhakov, F., Louviere, J., Satchell, S. and Thorp, S. (2016). Journal of Risk and Insurance. In press (available online August 2016).