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Research Publications

The global financial crisis and psychological health in a sample of Australian older adults: A longitudinal study

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Modelling Mortality with Common Stochastic Long-Run Trends

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Longevity risk and capital markets: The 2010-2011 update

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Olfactory impairment in older adults is associated with depressive symptoms and poorer quality of life scores

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Ethnicity and falls in older men: low rates of falls in Italian-born men in Australia

Stanaway, F.F., Cumming, R.G., Naganathan, V., Blyth, F.M., Handelsman, D.J., Le Couteur, D.G., Waite, L.M., Creasey, H.M., Seibel, M.J., and Sambrook, P.N. (2011). Age and Ageing, September 2011. 

Depressive symptoms predict decline in perceptual speed in older adulthood

Bielak, A.A., Gerstorf, D., Kiely, K.M., Anstey, K.J., Luszcz, M. (2011). Psychology and Aging, September 2011. 

Chronological age and age-related cognitive deficits are associated with an increase in multiple types of driving errors in late life

Anstey, K.J., Wood, J. (2011). Neuropsychology, September 2011. 

Indigenous Australians are under-represented in longitudinal ageing studies

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Changes in reproductive hormone concentrations predict the prevalence and progression of the frailty syndrome in older men: The concord health and ageing in men project

Travison, T.G., Nguyen, A.H., Naganathan, V., Stanaway, F.F., Blyth, F.M., Cumming, R.G., Le Couteur, D.G., Sambrook, P.N., and Handelsman, D.J. (2011). Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, August 2011.