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Research Publications

Longitudinal Change in Everyday Function and Behavioral Symptoms in Frontotemporal Dementia

O’Connor, C.M., Clemson, L., Hornberger, M., Leyton, C.E., Hodges, J.R., Piguet, O. and Mioshi, E. (2016). Neurology Clinical Practice. In press (available online June 2016).

How to Model Consumer Heterogeneity? Lessons from Three Case Studies on SP and RP Data

Keane, M.P. and Wasi, N. (2016). Research in Economics, 70(2), 167-231. 

First Incident Hospitalisation for Australian Women Aged 70 and Beyond: A 10 Year Examination using Competing Risks

Harris, M., Dolja-Gore, X., Kendig, H. and Byles, J.E. (2016). Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, 64, 29-37. 

Demographic Change in the Asian Century: Implications for Australia and the Region

McDonald, P. (2016). Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies, 3(2), 155-172.

Association between Nighttime Sleep and Successful Aging among Older Chinese People

Liu, H., Byles, J.E., Xu, X., Zhang, M., Wu, X. and Hall, J.J. (2016). Sleep Medicine, 22, 18-24. 

Assessing Reliability of Short Tick Box Forms of the ANU-ADRI: Convenient Alternatives of a Self-report Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Assessment

Kim, S., Cherbuin, N. and Anstey, K.J. (2016). Alzheimer's & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions, 2(2), 93-98.

Prevalence, Risk Factors and Pharmacological Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation in Older Hospitalized Patients in Vietnam

Nguyen, T.N., Huyen, T.V., Thanh, X.N., Thang, P., Hilmer, S.N. and Cumming, R.G. (2016). International Cardiovascular Forum Journal, 8, 79-84. 

Perceptions of Coping with Nondisease Related Life Stress for Women with Osteoarthritis: A Qualitative Analysis

Harris, M.L., Byles, J.E., Townsend, N. and Loxton, D. (2016). BMJ Open, 6(5), e010630. 

Partner Scale Economies, Service Bundling and Auditor Independence in the Australian Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Industry

Arnold, B., Bateman, H., Ferguson, A. and Raftery, A. (2016). Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory. In press (available online August 2016).