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Research Publications

Partner Scale Economies, Service Bundling and Auditor Independence in the Australian Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Industry

Arnold, B., Bateman, H., Ferguson, A. and Raftery, A. (2016). Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory. In press (available online August 2016).

Life-Cycle Labour Supply with Human Capital: Econometric and Behavioural Implications

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Labour Supply: The Roles of Human Capital and The Extensive Margin

Keane, M.P. and Wasi, N. (2016). Economic Journal, 126(592), 578-617. 

Gender, Mental Health, Physical Health and Retirement: A Prospective Study of 21,608 Australians Aged 55 to 69 Years

Byles, J.E., Vo, K., Forder, P.M., Thomas, L., Banks, E., Rodger, B. and Bauman A. (2016). Maturitas, 87, 40-48. 

Exposure to Air Pollution and Cognitive Functioning across the Life Course - A Systematic Literature Review

Clifford, A., Lang, L., Chen, R., Anstey, K.J. and Seaton, A. (2016). Environmental Research, 147, 383-393. 

Exploring the Implementation of ‘Poslansia’, Indonesia’s Community-based Health Program for Older People

Christiani, Y., Byles, J.E., Tavener, M. and Dugdale, P. (2016). Australasian Journal on Ageing, 35(3), e11-16. 

Enhancing Caregivers’ Understanding of Dementia and Tailoring Activities in Frontotemporal Dementia: Two Case Studies

O’Connor, C.M., Clemson, L., Brodaty, H., Gitlin, L.N., Piguet, O. and Mioshi, E. (2016). Disability and Rehabilitation, 38(7), 704-714. 

Australia's Retirement Income Policy: Means Testing and Taxation of Pensions

Kudnra, G. (2016). CESifo DICE Report, 14(1), 3-9.

Association of Genetic Risk Factors with Cognitive Decline: The PATH Through Life Project

Alonso-García, J. and Devolder, P. (2016). Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 70, 224-236.