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Research Publications

Why Aren't Developed Countries Saving?

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What are Older Adults Seeking? Factors Encouraging or Discouraging Retirement Village Living.

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The Population Dimension in the Intergenerational Reports

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Stability and Change in the Level of Probable Depression and Depressive Symptoms in a Sample of Middle and Older-Aged Adults

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Socioeconomic, Psychological, and Demographic Determinants of Australian Baby Boomers' Financial Planning for Retirement

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Not all Older Adults have Insight into their Driving Abilities: Evidence from an On-Road Assessment and Implications for Policy

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Integration of Balance and Strength Training into Daily Life Activity to Reduce Rate of Falls in Older People (The LiFE Study): Randomised Parallel Trial

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Declining Incidence of Osteoporotic Hip Fracture in Australia

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Alcohol Use and Depression from Middle Age to the Oldest Old: Gender Is More Important than Age

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