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Research Publications

Managing Systematic Mortality Risk with Group Self-Pooling and Annuitization Schemes

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Lifetime Cigarette Smoking is Associated with Striatal Volume Measures

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Assessing patterns of home and community care service use and client profiles in Australia: A cluster analysis approach using linked data

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An Integrative and Socio-Cultural Perspective of Health, Wealth, and Adjustment in Widowhood Health Care for Women

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Activities of Daily Living in Progressive Non-Fluent Aphasia, Logopenic Progressive Aphasia and Alzheimer's Disease

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Micro and Macro Labor Supply Elasticities: A Reassessment of Conventional Wisdom

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Determinants of Retirement Timing Expectations in the United States and Australia: A Cross-National Comparison of the Effects of Health and Retirement Benefit Policies on Retirement Timing Decisions

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Change in health and self-perceptions of aging over 16 years: The role of psychological resources

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APOE Genotype and Entorhinal Cortex Volume in Non-Demented Community-Dwelling Adults in Midlife and Early Old Age

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