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Research Publications

Social isolation, social support and loneliness as independent concepts, and their relationships with health-related quality of life among older women

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Nutrition risk screening methods for adults living with severe mental illness: A scoping review

Hancox, L.E., Lee, P.S., Armaghanian, N., Hirani, V. and Wakefield, G. (2022). Nutr Diet. 79(3), 349-363

Can machine learning improve small area population forecasts? A forecast combination approach

Grossman, I., Bandara, K., Wilson, T. and Kirley, M. (2022). Computers, Environment and Urban Systems. 95, Article 101806

An Application of the Resource-Based Dynamic Process Model in the Context of Retirement Planning

Noone, J., Earl, J., Stephens, C., Rafalski, J., Allen, J., Alpass, F., & Topa, G. (2022). Work, Aging and Retirement. 8(3), 225–240

Antimicrobial Resistance: Designing a Comprehensive Macroeconomic Modeling Strategy.

Fernando, R., and McKibbin, W.J. (2022). Brookings Institution.

Implementation initiatives to improve low back pain care in Australia: a scoping review

Costa, N., Blyth, F.M., Amorim, A.B., Parambath, S., Shanmuganathan, S. and Schneider, C.H. (2022). Pain Med. pnac102

What Level of Migration Is Required to Achieve Zero Population Growth in the Shortest Possible Time? Asian Examples.

McDonald, P., and Hosseini-Chavoshi, M. (2022). Frontiers in Human Dynamics.

Understanding the relationship between eye disease and driving in very old Australian women: a longitudinal thematic evaluation

White, J., Hambisa, M.T., Cavenagh, D., Dolja-Gore, X. & Byles, J. (2022). BMC Ophthalmology. 22, Article 277

The Comparative Mortality of an Elite Group in the Long Run of History: an Observational Analysis of Politicians from 11 Countries

Clark, P.M., Tran-Duy, A., Roope, L.S.J., Stiles, J.A. and Barnett, A.G. (2022). European Journal of Epidemiology. 37, 891-899