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Research Publications

Running the NGFS Scenarios in G-Cubed: A Tale of Two Modelling Frameworks.

Bertram, C., Boirard, A., Edmonds, J., Fernando, R., Gayle, D., Hurst, I., Liu, W.L., McKibbin, W.J., Payerols, C., Richters, O., Schets, E. (2022). The Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS).

Identifying patterns of potentially preventable hospitalisations in people living with dementia

Engel, L., Hwang, K., Panayiotou, A., Watts, J. J., Mihalopoulos, C., Temple, J., & Batchelor, F. (2022). BMC health services research. 22(1), 11

Why and when job insecurity hinders employees’ taking charge behavior: The roles of flexibility and work-based self-esteem

Lyu, Y., Wu, C. H., Kwan, H. K., Lee, C., & Deng, H. (2022). Economic and Industrial Democracy: an international journal

Who Volunteers? Results From an Internet-Based Cognitive Monitoring Study of Community-Based Older Adults

Veal, B., Sadeq, N. A., Atkinson, T. J., & Andel, R. (2022). Health Education & Behavior

The Impact of Demographic and Economic Change on the Australian Generational Economy: Financial Sustainability, Intergenerational Inequality, and Material Living Standards.

Rice, J.M., Wilson, T., Temple, J.B., McDonald, P. (2022).  Frontiers in Public Health.

A Managed Volatility Investment Strategy for Pooled Annuity Products

Li, S., Labit Hardy, H., Sherris, M. and Villegas, A.M. (2022). Risks. 10(6), 121

Psychosis as a treatment target in dementia. A roadmap for designing interventions

Agüera-Ortiz, L., Babulal, G.M., Bruneau, M-A., Creese, B., D’Antonio, F., Fischer, C.E., Gatchel, J. R., Ismail, Z., Kumar, S., McGeown, W.J., Mortby, M.E., Nuñez, N.A., de Oliveira, F.F., Pereiro, A.X., Ravona-Springer, R., Rouse, H.J., Wang, H., and Lanctôt, K.L. (2022). Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. 52(3), 1203-1228

Nutrition Module design in Maintain Your Brain: an internet-based randomised controlled trial to prevent cognitive decline and dementia

Almendrales Rangel, C., Noble, Y., Radd-Vagenas, S., Mavros, Y., Flood, V. M., O'Leary, F., Brodaty, H., Sachdev, P. S., Heffernan, M., Valenzuela, M., Anstey, K. J., Daniel, K., Ginige, J. A., San Jose, J. C., Chau, T., Garnés Rancurello, S., and Fiatarone Singh, M. A. (2022). The British journal of nutrition. 127(80), 1259–1268

How old age was withdrawn as a diagnosis from ICD-11

Rabheru, K., Byles, J.E. and Kalache, A. (2022). The Lancet Healthy Longevity. 3(7), e457-e459