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Reports & Government Submissions

John Piggott at the T20 Inception Conference in Japan

Rafal Chomik, John Piggott, and Sophie Yan

This policy brief was prepared for the T20 Task Force on Aging Population and its Economic Impact + Immigration, and, while bringing a broad perspective to these challenges, focuses its policy analysis on retirement income, the first frontier in reforming social security systems in an ageing world.

Elderly couple researching pension options online

Hazel Bateman and Susan Thorp

The submission comments on the Productivity Commission Draft Report, Superannuation: Assessing Efficiency and Competitiveness. The approach is to comment briefly on selected Draft Recommendations and, where appropriate, refer the Commission to relevant academic papers.


Couple researching online

Rafal Chomik, John Piggott and Marc de Cure

This report was prepared for the Senate inquiry into the Superannuation (Excess Transfer Balance Tax) Bill 2016 [Provisions] and Treasury Laws Amendment (Fair and Sustainable Superannuation) Bill 2016 [Provisions].

Colleagues analysing data

Hazel Bateman, Rafal Chomik, John Piggott, and Michael Sherris

This submission focuses on the use of defaults in superannuation drawdowns at retirement. It has been written in response to a request to CEPAR by the FSI to provide input on this issue.

Australian currency

James Mahmud Rice, Jeromey Temple and Peter McDonald

With demographic and economic changes on the horizon, an understanding of the production and consumption behavior of all Australians, but mature age Australians in particular, is indispensible. This project seeks to enhance our understanding of the economic lifecycle by developing National Transfer Accounts (NTA) for Australia.

Male researcher on his laptop

Hazel Bateman, Rafal Chomik, John Piggott and Michael Sherris.

Following CEPAR's initial submission to the Financial Systems Inquiry, members of the Inquiry expressed the view that behavioural economics/finance had been underdone in the submission. CEPAR has put together a supplementary submission addressing this area.

Financial independence

A number of CEPAR staff and affiliates contributed to this submission, including Rafal Chomik, Michael Sherris, Hazel Bateman, John Piggott, Ralph Stevens, and Diane Hosking, and the Chairman of th


Hal Hendig and Chris Phillipson

CEPAR Chief Investigator Hal Kendig, along with Chris Phillipson, submitted a report to the British Academy Policy Centre on Building Age Friendly Cities.

Research colleagues

Heather Booth, Tim Windsor, Heather Crawford and Pilar Rioseco

This research report was prepared for the National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre by CEPAR Associate Investigators.