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CEPAR invites submissions for the CEPAR International Conferences which will bring together academics, policymakers, and practitioners to share the latest research and policy and industry perspectives on the dynamics of the ageing demographic.


What happens when people withdraw their retirement savings early? CEPAR Associate Investigator Ben Newell and PhD student Nathan Wang-Ly from the UNSW Sydney have just found out.


A new research brief – financial decision making for and in old age – published CEPAR focuses on decisions related to personal retirement finances and explores how risks of poor decisions increase with age. 

John Piggott CEPAR Director UNSW economist

At this time of year, CEPAR frequently joins with the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis (CAMA) in the Crawford School of Public Policy at ANU to organise a “Policy Dialogue”.


Words by CEPAR Chief Investigator Professor Michael Sherris

2018 CEPAR in the news

A new way to structure superannuation contributions could become standard practice in some developed countries explains CEPAR Director Scientia Professor John Piggott.

Katja Hanewald

CEPAR Associate Investigator Dr Katja Hanewald has been awarded the Dean’s Emerging Leadership Award at the 2022 UNSW Business School Staff Excellence Awards Ceremony.

Michael Sherris

CEPAR Chief Investigator Professor Michael Sherris from the UNSW Business School explains why rising insurance premiums are set to join other affordability pressures for Australians.


cepar award

On 9 September, the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia and UNSW will be hosting a lecture from one of the 2021 Paul Bourke Award winners: Dr Timothy Neal, CEPAR Senior Research Fellow, UNSW Business School.