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Associate Investigators

Hannes Zacher
Professor Hannes Zacher

MSc Technical University of Braunschweig; PhD University of Giessen

Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Leipzig

Research stream:
Organisations and the Mature Workforce

Ageing Workforce; Successful Ageing at Work; Lifespan Development

Zhongwei Zhao
Professor Zhongwei Zhao

BA Peking University; MA University of Exeter; PhD University of Cambridge

School of Demography, Australian National University

Research streams:
Macro-demographic Dynamics and Population Ageing Policy

Dr Lidan Zheng

Bcom ANU; BSc ANU; BSc Hon (Psychology) ANU; PhD UNSW

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NeuRA

Research Streams: 

Identifying individual and social influences on decision making at older ages

Jonathan Ziveyi
Associate Professor Jonathan Ziveyi

BSc (Hons) National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe; PhD University of Technology, Sydney

Senior Lecturer, School of Risk and Actuarial Studies, UNSW Sydney

Research streams:
Sustainable Wellbeing in Later Life

Variable Annuity Pricing; Retirement Income Product Design; Longevity Risk Management