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Research Publications

Sexual Orientation and Gender IdentityRelated State-Level Policies and Perceived Health Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Andel 7 Transgender (LGBT) Older Adults in the United States

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Return-to-work policies’ clawback regime and labor supply in disability insurance programs

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Psychological distress, multimorbidity and health services among older adults in rural South Australia

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Optimal Portfolio Choice with Health-Contingent Income Products: The Value of Life Care Annuities

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Development of the CogDrisk Tool to Assess Risk Factors for Dementia.

Anstey, K.J., Kootar, S., Huque, M.H., Eramudugolla, R., Peters, R. (2022). Alzheimer's Dementia. 

Selection, Optimization, and Compensation Strategies and Within-Day Changes in Occupational Well-Being

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Exercise interventions to reduce anxiety in mid-life and late-life anxiety disorders and subthreshold anxiety disorder: a systematic review

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A New Perspective on flexible Human Resource Practices and Older Workers' Early Retirement Intention

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Valuation of guaranteed minimum maturity benefits under generalised regime-switching models using the Fourier Cosine method

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