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Research Publications

Projects-of-self or projects-of-family? Australian young people navigating responsibility for their education and responsibility for family care

Redmond, G., Skattebol, J., Hamilton, M., Andresen, S. and Woodman, R. (2022). British Journal of the Sociology of Education. 43(1), 84-103

A whole-population approach is required for dementia risk reduction

Walsh S., Govia I., Wallace L., Richard E., Peters R., Anstey K.J. and Brayne C. (2022). The Lancet Healthy Longevity. 3(1), E6-E8

Evaluation of Blood Pressure and Cognitive Function using Individual Participant Data Meta-analysis: The Life-course Blood Pressure Cognition (LCBP-COG) Study

Xu, Y., McFall, G.P., Rydén, L., Skoog, J., Tully, P., Anderson, C.S., Anstey, K.J., Cherbuin, N., Dixon., R.A., Skoog, I. and Peters, R. (2021).  Alzheimers and Dementia. 17(s10), e055833

An analysis of the multidimensional structure of job crafting for older workers with a managerial role

Vignoli, M., Perinelli, E., Demerouti, E., and Truxillo, D. M. (2021). Work, Aging and Retirement. waab031

Barriers and Enablers to Health and Social Services for Older Prisoners Transitioning to Community

Hagos, A.K., Withall, A., Ginnivan, N.A., Snoyman, P. and Butler, T. (2021), International Journal of Prisoner Health.

Putting age-related hearing loss on the public health agenda in Australia

Kiely, K.M., & Anstey, K.J. (2021). Public Health Research & Practice. 31(5), e3152125

Putting Age-Related Hearing Loss on the Public Health Agenda in Australia

Kiely, K., Anstey, K. (2021), Public Health Research & Practice.

Functional disability with systematic trends and uncertainty: A comparison between China and the U.S.

Fu, Y., Sherris, M. & Xu, M. (2021). Annals of Actuarial Science1-30 

Residential Medication Management Reviews and continuous polypharmacy among older Australian women

Thiruchelvam, K., Byles, J., Hasan, S.S., Egan, N. and Kairuz, T. (2021). Int J Clin Pharm. 43(6), 1619-1629