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Research Publications

Sustainable and Equitable Pensions with Means Testing in Aging Economies

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Designing Annuities with Flexibility Opportunities in an Uncertain Mortality Scenario

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Longitudinal Effects of Physical Activity Change on Hippocampal Volumes over up to 12 Years in Middle and Older Age Community-Dwelling Individuals

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Factors relating to depressive symptoms of caregivers for older care recipients in Indonesia

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Low L-F. Perspectives of operational staff working in residential care and aged care reforms.

Monro, C., Mackenzie, L. & O'Loughlin, K. (2021). Nursing & Health Sciences. 23(4), 948-956

From being ‘at risk’ to being ‘a risk’: journeys into parenthood among young women experiencing adversity

Blaxland, M., Hamilton, M., Skattebol, J., Van Toorn, G. and Valentine, K. (2021). Families, Relationships and Societies. 

Low-hanging Fruit in Australia's climate policy

Jotzo F., and McKibbin W.J. (2021), Low-hanging Fruit in Australia's climate policy, in: No Brainers and Low-hanging Fruit in National Climate Policy, ed. Caselli F., Luwdig A., and Ploeg Rvd., VOX EU CEPR.

Intergenerational Practice in the Community – What Does the Community Think?

Kenning, G., Ee, N., Xu, Y., Luu B.L., Ward, S.A., Goldwater M.B., Lewis E., Radford K.R., Anstey K.J., Lautenschlager N.T., Fitzgerald J.A., Rockwood K., Peters R. (2021). Social Sciences. 10(10), 374

How has COVID-19 affected Australia’s internal migration trends and patterns?

Wilson, T. and Grossman, I. (2021). Interaction. 49(4), 17-20