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Research Publications

Five-Year Trajectories of Prescription Opioid Us

Gisev, N., Buizen, L., Hopkins, R.E., Schaffer, A.L., Daniels, B., Bharat, C., Dobbins, T., Larney, S., Blyth, F., Currow, D.C., Wilson, A., Pearson, S.A., and Degenhardt, L. (2023). JAMA Network Open. 6(8), e2328159

Opioid Deprescribing in Patients with Chronic Noncancer Pain: A Systematic Review of International Guidelines

Hamilton, M., Kwok, W.S., Hsu, A., Mathieson, S., Gnjidic, D., Deyo, R., Ballantyne, J., Von Korff, M., Blyth, F. and Lin, C.C. (2023). Pain. 164(3), 485-493

Provision of Domiciliary Dental Service to Residential Aged Care Facilities: A 3-year Descriptive Summary

Chu, K.Y., Wright, F.A.C., Naganathan, V., Stanaway, F., Tran, J. and Cockrell, D. (2023). Special Care in Dentistry. 

Fixed and Variable Longevity Annuities in Defined Contribution Plans: Optimal Retirement Portfolios Taking Social Security into Account

Horneff, V., Maurer, R. and Mitchell, O.S. (2023). Journal of Risk and Insurance. 90(4), 831-860

Sarcopenia Prevalence and Functional Outcomes in Older Men with Obesity: Comparing the use of the EWGSOP2 Sarcopenia Versus ESPEN-EASO Sarcopenic Obesity Consensus Definitions

Scott, D., Blyth, F., Naganathan, V., Le Couteur, D.G., Handelsman, D.J., Waite, L.M. and Hirani, V. (2023). Clinical Nutrition. 42(9), 1610-1618

Retirement and cognitive aging in a racially diverse sample of older Americans

Andel, R., Veal, B. M., Howard, V. J., MacDonald, L. A., Judd, S. E., & Crowe, M. (2023). Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 71(9), 2769-2778

Physical Activity for Cognitive Health: A Model for Intervention Design for People Experiencing Cognitive Concerns and Symptoms of Depression or Anxiety

Curran, E., Palmer, V.J., Ellis, K.A., Chong, T.W.H., Rego, T., Cox, K.L., Anstey, K.J., Westphal, A., Moorhead, R., Southam, J., Lai, R., You, E.,  and Lautenschlager, N.T. (2023). Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. 94(2), 781–799

A Multi-state Model for Sick Leave and its Impact on Partial Early Retirement Incentives: The Case of the Netherlands

de Mol van Otterloo, S. & Alonso-García, J. (2023). Scandinavian Actuarial Journal. 2023(3), 244-268

Creation of the Algorithmic Management Questionnaire: A Six-phase Scale Development Process

Parent-Rocheleau, X., Parker, S. K., Bujold, A., and Gaudet, M. (2023). Human Resource Management. 61(1), 1-159