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Research Publications

What Guides Back Pain Care? A Content Analysis of Low Back Pain Directives in the Australian Context.

Parambath, S., Costa, N., Schneider, C.H. and Blyth, F.M. (2023). Health Research Policy Systems. 21(1), 49

Act or wait-and-see? Adversity, Agility, and Entrepreneur Wellbeing across Countries during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stephan, U., Zbierowski, P., Perez-Luno, A., Wach, D., Wiklund, J., Cabanas, M.A., Barki, E., Benzari, A., Bernhard-Oettel, C., Boekhorst, J. A., Dash, A., Efendic, A., Eib, C., Hanard, P., Iakovleva, T., Kawakatsu, S., Khalid, S., Leatherbee, M., Li, J., Parker, S.K., Qu, J., Rosati, F., Sahasranamam, S., Salusse, M.A.Y., Sekiguchi, T., Thomas, N., Torres, O., Tran, M.H., Ward, M.K., Williamson, A.J. and Zahid, M.M. (2023). Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. 47(3), 682-723

How Would 401(k) ‘Rothification’ Alter Saving, Retirement Security, and Inequality?

Horneff, V., Maurer, R. and Mitchell, O.S. (2023). Journal of Pension Economics and Finance. 22(3), 265-283 

No longer Indigenous

Shalley, F., Griffiths, K., and Wilson, T. (2023). Population Research and Policy Review. 42, 53

Money Matters but What Else? Mature Worker Motives and the Importance of Gender, Age, Socioeconomic Status, and Age-inclusive HR Practice

Loh, V., Hamilton, M., Baird, M., Zettna, N., Constantin, A., Andrei, D.M., Petery, G., Parker, S. (2023). Australian Journal of Management

Multi-domain Prognostic Models used in Middle-aged Adults Without known Cognitive Impairment for Predicting Subsequent Dementia

Mohanannair, G.G., Quinn T.J., George, J., Anstey, K.J., Bell, J.S., Sarwar, M.R., Cross, A.J. (2023). Cochrane Database System Review. 6(6), CD014885

The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Life Expectancy in 27 Countries

Huang, G., Guo, F., Zimmermann, K.F., Liu, L., Taksa, L., Cheng, Z., Tani, M., Franklin, M. (2023). Scientific Reports. 13, Article# 8911

A Scoping Review of Workplace Interventions to Promote Positive Attitudes towards Older Workers and Reduce Age-based Discrimination

Sinclair, C., Joffe, T., Ginnivan, N., Parker, S. K., and Anstey, K. J. (2023). Work, Aging, and Retirement. waad013

Determinants of Individuals’ Objective and Subjective Financial Fragility during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kleimeier, S., Hoffmann, A., Broihanne, M., Plotkina, D. and Göritz, A. (2023). Journal of Banking and Finance. 153, #106881