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Research Publications

Employees Adhere More to Unethical Instructions from Human Than AI Supervisors: Complementing Experimental Evidence with Machine Learning

Lanz, L., Briker, R., and Gerpott, F.H. (2023). Journal of Business Ethics. 189, 625-646

Explaining Consumers’ Progress through Life Insurance Decision States: The Role of Personal Values and Consumer Characteristics

Bateman, H., Gerrans, P., Thorp, S., and Zeng, Y. (2023). Journal of Consumer Affairs

The relationship between exposure to Hurricane Harvey and mortality among nursing home residents

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IDF2022-0391 Longevity and Disability-free Life Expectancy for People with Diabetes in South Africa

Payne, C., Liwin, L.K., Wade, A., and Houle, B. (2023). Diabetes Research and Clinical Research Practice. 197(Supplement 1), Article 110442

Frequency of Coexistent Eye Diseases and Cognitive Impairment or Dementia: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Xu, Y., Phu, J., Aung, H.L., Hesam-Shariati, N., Keay, L., Tully, P.J., Booth, A., Anderson, C.S., Anstey, J.K., and Peters, R. (2023). Eye. 37, 3128–3136

Can a Familiar Gender Stereotype Create a not-so Familiar Benefit for Women? Evidence of Gendered Differences in Ascribed Stereotypes and Effects of Team Member Adaptivity on Performance Evaluations

Carpini, J. A., Luksyte, A., Parker, S. K., & Collins, C. G. (2023). Journal of Organizational Behavior. 44(5), 590-605

How the Pandemic Altered Americans’ Debt Burden and Retirement Readiness

Hasler, A., Lusardi, A. and Mitchell, O.S. (2023). Financial Services Review. 65(1), Article e1156

Sustained Knowledge Work and Thinking Time Amongst Academics: Gender and Working from Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Peetz, D., Baird, M., Banerjee, R., Bartkiw, T., Campbell, S., Charlesworth, S., et al. (2022). Labour and Industry. 31(1), 72-92

Physical activity and functional disability among older adults in Ghana: The moderating role of multi-morbidity

Awuviry-Newton, K., Amponsah, M., Amoah, D., Villalobos Dintrans, P., Afram, A. A., Byles, J., Mugumbate, J. R., Kowal, P., and Asiamah, N. (2023). PLOS Glob Public Health. 3, Article e0001014