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Research Publications

Are Religiosity and Spirituality Related to Self-Reported Health Expectancy? An Analysis of the European Values Survey

Libby, G., Zimmer, Z., Kingston, A., Haviva, C., Chiu, C. T., Ofstedal, M. B., Jagger, C.,  et al. (2021). J Relig Healt. 31(8), 1182-1191

Pain, Work, and the Workplace: A Topical Review

Wainwright, E., Bevan, S., Blyth, F., Khalatbari-Soltani, S., Sullivan, M.J., Walker-Bone, K., Eccleston, C. (2021). Pain.

Pain, work, and the workplace: a topical review

Wainwright, E., Bevan, S., Blyth, F.M., Khalatbari-Soltani, S., Sullivan, M.J.L., Walker-Bone, K., et al. (2021). Pain

A 7-year trend analysis of the types, characteristics, risk factors, and outcomes of elder abuse in community settings

Brijnath, B., Gartoulla, P., Joosten, M., Feldman, P., Temple, J. and Dow, B. (2021). Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect. 33(2), 270-287

The ageing of Asian migrant populations in Australia: projections and implications for aged care services

Wilson, T., Temple, J., Brijnath, B., Utomo, A. and McDonald, P. (2021). Asian Population Studies. 1-6

Organisational and advance care planning program characteristics associated with advance care directive completion: A prospective multicenter cross-sectional audit among health and residential aged care services caring for older Australians

Detering, K., Sinclair, C., Buck, K., Sellars, M., White, B.P., Kelly, H., Nolte, L. (2021). BMC Health Services. Vol 21, Article 700

Global Macroeconomic Impacts of Demographic Change

Liu, W., and McKibbin, W.J. (2021). The World Economy. 

Age diversity and learning outcomes in organizational training groups: The role of knowledge sharing and psychological safety

Gerpott, F. H., Lehmann-Willenbrock, N., Wenzel, R., & Voelpel, S. C. (2021). Inter-national Journal of Human Resource Management. 32(18), 3777-3804. 

Knowledge transfer between younger & older employees: A temporal social comparison lens

Fasbender, U., & Gerpott, F. H. (2021). Work, Aging & Retirement. waab017