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Research Publications

Family companionship and elderly suicide: Evidence from the Chinese Lunar New Year

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Better Educated Children, Better Internet-connected Elderly Parents

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The 2021 Proposal to Increase Market Forces in the Australian Residential Aged-care Sector

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Life-course Inequalities in Intrinsic Capacity and Healthy Ageing: Retrospective Evidence from Pre-old and Older Populations in China

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Do Co-ethnic Neighbourhoods Affect the Labour Market Outcomes of Immigrants? Longitudinal Evidence from Australia

Nguyen, T., Bernard, A., Lee, R., Wilson, T. and Argent, N. (2023). Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy. 16, 831-850

Effects of Anti-inflammatory Dietary Patterns on Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Systematic Literature Review

Abdallah, J., Assaf, S., Das, A. and Hirani, V. (2023). European Journal of Nutrition

Distinguishing Apathy From Depression: A Review Differentiating the Behavioral, Neuroanatomic, and Treatment-Related Aspects of Apathy From Depression in Neurocognitive Disorders

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Bridging the Gap: Study Protocol for Development of an Implementation Strategy for Evidence-informed Reablement and Rehabilitation for Community-dwelling People with Dementia

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Determinants of Early-Access to Retirement Savings: Lessons from the Australian Government response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bateman, H., Dobrescu, I., Liu, J., Newell, B.R. and Thorp, S. (2023). Journal of the Economics of Ageing. 24, Article 100441