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Research Publications

Childcare by migrant grannies and migrant nannies: A critical discourse analysis of new policy solutions for securing reproductive labor in Australian households

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What do doctors understand by spiritual health? A survey of UK general practitioners

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The accuracy of self-reported physical activity questionnaires varies with sex and body mass index

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The effects of single and a combination of determinants of anaemia in the very old: results from the TULIPS consortium

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Population Ageing, Productivity and Technological Change in Asia

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Intrinsic Capacity: Validation of a New WHO Concept for Healthy Ageing in a Longitudinal Chinese Study

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Changes in Serum Thyroid Function Predict Cognitive Decline in the Very Old: Longitudinal Findings from the Newcastle 85+ Study

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Ageing, Work and Retirement in China, East and Southeast Asia

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Asset Rich but Cash Poor: Would Older Singaporeans Value Reverse Mortgages?

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