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Research Publications

Physical activity and functional disability among older adults in Ghana: The moderating role of multi-morbidity

Awuviry-Newton, K., Amponsah, M., Amoah, D., Villalobos Dintrans, P., Afram, A. A., Byles, J., Mugumbate, J. R., Kowal, P., and Asiamah, N. (2023). PLOS Glob Public Health. 3, Article e0001014

Lifecycle Earnings Risk and Insurance: New Evidence from Australia

Tran, C., and Tin, D. (2023). Economic Record. 99(325), 141-174

Three Nightmare Traits (TNT) and the Similarity Effect Determine which Personality Traits we Like and Dislike.

Dunlop, P. D., de Vries, R. E., Jolly, A. A., and Parker, S. K. (2023). Journal of Research in Personality. 103, Article 104358

Diabetes Research and Clinical Research Practice

Payne, C., Liwin, L.K., Wade, A., and Houle, B. (2023). Diabetes Research and Clinical Research Practice. 197, Article 110577

Experiences of Performing Daily Activities in Middle-Aged and Older Autistic Adults: A Qualitative Study

Hwang, Y. I. J., Foley, K. R., Elley, K., Brown, S., Joy-Leong, D., Li, X., Grove, R., Troller, J., Pellicano, E. & Zheng, L. (2022). Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. 

Multitude effects of intersection of gender, marital status and economic dependency on the health status of the elderly in India

Prasad, R.D., Ram, H. & Goli, S. (2023). Journal of Social and Economic Development. 

The Mental Health of Fly-in Fly-out Workers Before and During Covid-19: A Comparison Study

Gilbert, J. M., Fruhen, L. S., Burton, C. T., and Parker, S. K. (2023). Australian Journal of Psychology. 75(1)

What Would a Population-level Approach to Dementia Risk Look Like and how Would it Work?

Walsh, S., Govia, I., Peters, R., Richard, E., Stephan, B.C.M., Wilson, N., Wallace, L., Anstey, K.J. and Brayne, C. (2023). Alzheimer's and Dementia. 19(7), 3203-3209

The Impact of Fintech Development on Air Pollution

Ma, Y., Wei, X., Yan, G., and He, X. (2023). International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 20(4), Article 3387