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Research Publications

Quantifying the financial impact of overuse in primary care in China: A standardised patient study

Si, Y., Bateman, H., Chen, S., Hanewald, K., Li, B., Su, M., and Zhou, Z. (2023). Social Science & Medicine. 320, Article 115670

Perspectives of family-centred care at the end of life during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative descriptive study

Bloomer, M., Yuen, E., Williams, R., Bouchoucha, S., Poon, P., Runacres, F., Mooney, C., Hutchinson, A. (2023). Journal of Clinical Nursing. 32(15-16), 5173-5184

The Construction of the "Older Worker"

Zacher, H. and Rudolph, C.W. (2023). Merit. 3(1), 115-130

The Association between Multimorbidity and Osteoporosis Investigation and Treatment in High-risk Fracture Patients in Australia: A Prospective Cohort Study

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Memory Binding Test and its Associations with Hippocampal Volume across the Cognitive Continuum Preceding Dementia

Markova, H., Fendrych Mazancova, A., Jester, D. J., Cechova, K., Matuskova, V., Nikolai, T., Nedelska, Z., Uller, M., Andel, R., Laczó, J., Hort, J., and Vyhnalek, M. (2023). Assessment. 30(3), 856-872

The Heterogeneous Effect of Parental Investment on Old-age Support: Only Children as the Main Caregivers in China

Yang, M.X., Chen, C., and Lu, B. (2023). The Journal of Family Issues (SJR-Q1). 45(1), 206-236

The Role of Individual Goal Orientations in Shaping Skill Utilization Over Time: A Four-year Longitudinal Study

Klonek, F., Zhang, F., Nguyen, H., Johnson, A., Liu, Y., and Parker, S. K. (2023). European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology. 1-13

Patient perceptions of care quality and discharge information following same-day cardiac catheterization laboratory procedures: A mixed-methods study

Hames, K., White, K., Ockerby, C., Williams, R., Hutchinson, A. (2023). Nursing Open. 10(5), 3263-3273

Development of a Safe Mobilisation Program to Improve Functional Mobility and Reduce Fall Risk in Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment and Gait Disorders

Zhang, W., Low, L., Gwynn, J. and Clemson, L. (2023). Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation. 39(1), 47-57