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Research Publications

Direct, indirect, and moderated paths linking work schedules to psychological distress among fly-in, fly-out workers

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The impact of mild cognitive impairment on decision-making under explicit risk conditions: Evidence from the Personality and Total Health (PATH) Through Life Longitudinal Study

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Normative Team Age Prototypes: Exploring Follower, Leader, and Team Characteristics

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Moderating effect of cognitive reserve on brain integrity and cognitive performance

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Fly-in-fly-out work: A review of the impact of an extreme form of work-related travel on mental health

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Public health for the 21st century: Toward vulnerable population interventions

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Those who need it the most get it the least: Age specific reciprocal effects between social support and mental strain

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Description of Ultra-Processed Food Intake in a Swiss Population-Based Sample of Adults Aged 18 to 75 Years

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The effects of dietary patterns and food groups on symptomatic osteoarthritis: A systematic review

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