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Research Publications

Aging At Work and Retirement: Only a Success Story?

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Age stereotypes towards younger and older colleagues in registered nurses and supervisors in a university hospital: A generic qualitative study

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A guide for medical practitioners transitioning to an encore career or retirement

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The importance of relational work design characteristics: A person-centred approach

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Residential aged care staff perceptions and responses towards neuropsychiatric symptoms: a mixed methods analysis of electronic healthcare records

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Reducing demands or optimizing demands? Effects of cognitive appraisal and autonomy on job crafting to change one’s work demands

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Looking Beyond Hours of Care: The Effects of Care Strain on Work Withdrawal Among Australian Workers

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Alcohol consumption as a predictor of mortality and life expectancy: Evidence from older Chinese males

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Inclusive human resource management in freelancers’ employment relationships: The role of organizational needs and freelancers’ psychological contracts

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