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Research Publications

Understanding survey data available for researchers working in ageing: the CEPAR Metadata Database on Ageing

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A brief guide to producing a national population projection

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Medications use among women with dementia: a cohort study

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Trends in health expectancies: a systematic review of international evidence

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The importance of psychological contracts for safe work during pandemics

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The emergence of resilience: Trajectories of sleep functioning after a major stressor

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Pandemics: Implications for Research and Practice in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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Age Bias in the Time of Coronavirus: Implications for Research and Practice.

Iles, L. and Parker S.K. (2021). Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice. 14(1-2), 66-70.

Age bias in the time of Coronavirus: Implications for research and practice

Iles, L. J., & Parker, S. K. (2021). Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 14(1-2), 66-70