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Research Publications

Introduction to the Special Issue on Productive Aging in Honor of Frank Caro

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The World Health Organization’s impacts on age‐friendly policymaking: A case study on Australia

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Evaluating and rethinking public health for the 21st century: Toward vulnerable population interventions

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Discrepancies in self-reported and measured anthropometric indices among older Australians: prevalence and correlates

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Developing an effective and sustainable national immunisation programme in China: issues and challenges

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Preretirement Resources and Postretirement Life Satisfaction Change Trajectory: Examining the Mediating Role of Retiree Experience During Retirement Transition Phase

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Kynurenic acid as a biochemical factor underlying the association between Western-style diet and depression: A cross-sectional study

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Macroeconomic Impacts of Global Demographic Change: The Case of Australia

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Why do or don’t older employees seek knowledge from younger colleagues? A relation–opportunity model to explain how age‐inclusive human resources practices foster older employees’ knowledge seeking from younger colleagues

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