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Research Publications

The role of demographic change in explaining the growth of Australia’s older migrant population living with dementia, 2016–2051

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More than ‘more than ever’: Revisiting a work design and sociotechnical perspective on digital technologies

Parker, S. K., & Grote, G. (2022). Applied Psychology. 71(4), 1215-1223

Impact of medication reviews on potentially inappropriate medications and associated costs among older women in aged care

Thiruchelvam, K., Byles, J., Shahzad Hasan, S., Egan, N. and Kairuz, T. (2022). Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. 18(10), 3758-3765

Health and service needs, priorities and initiatives of primary health networks related to chronic pain

De Morgan, S., Walker, P., Blyth, F.M., Marks, L., Rychetnik, L., Nicholas, M., Sanders, D. and Wilson, A. (2022). Aust J Prim Health. 28(5), 417-427

Drivers of Economic Outcomes for Single Women Without Children in Retirement

Hamilton, M., Hodgson, H. and Bradbury, B. Australian Tax Review. 51(2), 174-191

Automation, algorithms, and beyond: Why work design matters more than ever in a digital world

Parker, S. K., & Grote, G. (2022). Applied Psychology. 71(4), 1171-1204

Quality Output Checklist and Content Assessment (QuOCCA): a new tool for assessing research quality and reproducibility

Héroux, M.E, Butler, A. Cashin, A., McCaughey, E. Affleck, A., Green, M., Cartwright, A., Jones, M., Kiely, K.M., van Schooten, K.S., Menant, J.C., Wewege, M. and Gandevia, S.C. (2022). BMJ Open. 12(9), e060976

Employable until retirement: How inclusive leadership and HR practices can foster sustainable employability through strengths use

Gürbüz, S., van Woerkom, M., Kooij, D., Demerouti, E., van der Klink, J., & Brouwers, E. (2022). Sustainability. 14(19), 12195

What’s age got to do with it? A primer and review of the workplace aging literature

Beier, M. E., Kanfer, R., Kooij, D. T. A. M., & Truxillo, D. M. (2022). Personnel Psychology. 75(4), 779-804