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Research Publications

The Ageing of Asian Migrant Populations in Australia: Projections and Implications for Aged Care Services

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Family imaginaries in the disclosure of a blood-borne virus

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On Sustainable Aged Care Financing in Australia

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Oral health status of newly admitted residents living in residential aged care

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The impact of built and social environmental characteristics on diagnosed and estimated future risk of dementia

Bagheri, N., Mavoa, S., Tabatabaei-Jafari, H., Knibbs, L.D., Coffee, N.T., Salvador-Carulla, L., Anstey, K.J. (2021). Journal of Alzheimers Disease. 84(2), 621-632

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions on psychosocial and behavioural outcomes among Australian adults with type 2 diabetes: findings from the PREDICT cohort study

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A short-term intervention of high-intensity exercise and anodal-tDCS on motor learning in middle-aged adults: an RCT

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Association of Daily Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour with Protein Intake Patterns in Older Adults: A Multi-Study Analysis across Five Countries

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Representation of racial and ethnic minority groups in cohort studies evaluating risk factors for dementia: protocol for a scoping review

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