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Research Publications

Genetic Factors Moderate Everyday Physical Activity Effects on Executive Function in Aging: Evidence from the Victoria Longitudinal Study

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Discordance between Self-reported Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Signs and Symptoms in Older Women

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Discharge Planning from Hospital

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Daily Mortality Changes in Taiwan in the 1970s: An Examination of the Relationship between Temperature and Mortality

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Cost of Arthritis: A Systematic Review of Methodologies used for Direct Cost

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Atrial Fibrillation in Older Inpatients: Are there any Differences in Clinical Characteristics and Pharmacological Treatment between the Frail and the Non-frail?

Nguyen, T., Cumming, R.G. and Hillmer, S.N. (2016). Internal Medicine Journal, 46(1), 86-95. 

Adverse Selection, Moral Hazard and the Demand for Medigap Insurance

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Closing a Sociodemographic Chapter of Chinese History

Zhao, Z. (2015) Population and Development Review

How does Women’s Life Satisfaction Respond to Retirement? A Two-stage Analysis

Zhu, R. and He, X. (2015) Economic Letters.