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Research Publications

Effects of Permanent and Transitory Tax Changes in a Life-cycle Labor Supply Model with Human Capital

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Do Women Grow out of Risky Drinking? A Prospective Study of Three Cohorts of Australian Women

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A Gendered Approach to Workforce Participation Patterns Over the Life Course for an Australian Baby Boom Cohort

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“Just Get On With It”: Qualitative Insights of Coming to Terms with a Deteriorating Body for Older Women with Osteoarthritis

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Life Expectancy with and without Cognitive Impairment in Seven Latin American and Caribbean Countries

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Interactive Effect of APOE Genotype and Blood Pressure on Cognitive Decline: The PATH Through Life Study

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Assessing Dietary Quality of Older Chinese People using the Chinese Diet Balance Index (DBI)

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Do older Chinese people’s diets meet the Chinese Food Pagoda guidelines? Results from the China Health and Nutrition Survey 2009

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Self-Rated Health of Older Persons in Indonesia

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