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Research Publications

Predictors of the rate of BMD loss in older men: Findings from the CHAMP study

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ADHD Symptoms and Cognitive Abilities in the Mid-Life Cohort of the PATH Through Life Study

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Vitamin D Status among Older Community Dwelling Men Living in a Sunny Country and Associations with Lifestyle Factors: The Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project

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Trends in Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia in the Asian-Pacific Region

Aggarwal, N.T., Tripathi, N., Dodge, H.H., Alladi, S. and Anstey, K.J. (2012). International Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, November 2012. 

Transforming retirement: new definitions of life after work

Byles, J., Tavener, M., Parkinson, L., Warner Smith, P., Everingham, C. and Stevenson, D. (2013). Women and Ageing, Available online November 2012, Hardcopy published March 2013. 

The Extension of Social Security Coverage in Developing Countries

Jung, J. and Tran, C. (2012). Journal of Development Economics, November 2012. 

Promoting Physical Activity in Sedentary Elderly Malays with Type 2 Diabetes: A Protocol for Randomised Controlled Trial

Shariff, S., Browning, C. and Yasin, S. (2012). BMJ Open, November 2012. 

Vertical Disintegration and Training: Evidence From a Matched Employer-Employee Survey

Magnani, E. (2012). Journal of Productivity Analysis, October 2012. 

The Prevalence of Physical Activity Behaviour in Older People: Findings from the DYNOPTA Project and Australian National Survey Data

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